Monday, June 2, 2014

Reading the Quran Without Understanding Does Not Bring Any Benefit.

Reading the words of the Quran can bring great benefits if we think about them and understand them. Reading or reciting without understanding does not produce any benefit.
People doing salat in their daily routine recite some surah in the prayer. Many people don’t understand what the surah means or why they are reciting it.
When someone dies, family and friends gather and do a reading of the Quran, thinking that it will earn benefits for the deceased, even though nobody understands what they read.

Many people read through the whole Quran during Ramadan, thinking that it earns them ‘thawab’ or credits even though they do not understand what they read.

During Ramadan, traveeh prayers are held in mosques in which the Imam recites through the Quran at a rapid rate. Most people who attend traveeh  have no idea what the recitation means. Their minds wander everywhere during the prayer and they become restless.

The Quran is a book of wisdom, instruction and inspiration. Reading its text without understanding does not bring any benefit.
It is better to read one or two ayas and think about them rather than read many pages without understanding.

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