Monday, February 20, 2017

Seek to Create Permanent Value

On February 6th, during our regular meeting in the NYC, we discussed Chapter 46 from the Quran and the Life of Excellence.  Our discussion is based on the following ayas:

Sura 17, Ayas 18-21

If anyone seeks transitory things, We hasten to him what We will of them, to whom We wish:  then We bring him hell where he is miserable and unwanted.

And if anyone seeks for the future and strives for it, as it should be striven for, and has faith, his effort is greatly appreciated. 

To everyone We give, to this one and that one, from the gifts of your Lord; and the gifts of your Lord  are not restricted.

See how We make some of them excel over others; but the hereafter is of higher order and greater in merit.  

These ayas are looking to remind us, as the entire Quran is looking to do, that the work we do, whatever it is, and the thoughts we think, whatever they may be, will, in time, bring a net result.  We are continuously asked by God to reflect upon our lives, that is, to examine our thoughts regularly as well as what we do every day. We are asked to choose to do good works and focus our minds on what will bring about those good works. 

We can see why these constant reminders by God are needed because we don’t often realize how quickly time moves while we are looking to get through our days here.  Eventually, this should not be an additional something we need to add to the list of tasks for the day. If we are serious about living a life worthy of God’s attention, it will become a consistent and faithful practice of ours, just like living a life of faith needs to be the only life we should eventually be leading and striving for as we look to gain proper understanding of God’s message -- that being the purpose of our asking for His guidance every day. 

And it all starts with our reflecting and thinking regularly about who we are and what we are looking to achieve while here.  By now, we should probably understand that it is not about earning a livelihood and raising children which, in and of themselves, are good works. But not thinking about how to transform our own lives and make a difference in the lives of our children as well as those around us, that is, not thinking about how we can become the best human beings we can become -- through whatever work we do daily -- and propel ourselves higher in God’s estimation, is missing the mark.

It is not easy but God reminds us, again and again, that those whose minds’ eyes are fixed on becoming the best versions of themselves will never be the same as those who seek for things that mean very little and will pass away as they pass away.

Commentary/Summary by Alma Subasic

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